The Standard Bearers Academy

Standard Bearers Academy will be a state-of-the-art boarding school providing a broad-based education infused with an Islamic worldview in an inclusive faith-centred environment.

It will cater for up to 1200 boys at a time from years 5-12. The school will be located on 96 acres of mixed-use farmland at Mareeba.

Students at the academy will come from around Australia, with a small contingent of international students.

Strong Values

Standard Bearers Academy will be informed by an educational philosophy based upon five key principles: internationalism through understanding and appreciation of others; community service and the foregrounding of, compassion, sharing and social justice; environmental stewardship; self-discovery through adventure and sports; and global ethical and moral leadership. The values that the school will seek to inculcate in the students include;

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Social Benefits

The Academy will be an active member of the local community, participating in the broader life of the Mareeba Shire. As well as their academic studies, students will focus on physical activity, sports and social service. They will work with the elderly, other schools, underprivileged communities – sharing their knowledge and resources. A fund will be established by the Academy to support charities that the children recommend and are actively involved in.

Economic Benefits

The Academy will bring substantial economic benefits to the Mareeba area. It will employ many tradespeople during the construction phase and, upon full operation, it will employ at least 80 teaching staff as well as other locally-based support staff. It will also be a substantial consumer of locally produced goods and services which are needed to support 1200 full-board students.

Environmental Protection

Standard Bearers Academy will be built upon land that is currently subject to mixed-use farming. The school will comply with all relevant planning regulations and will be subject to approval from the Mareeba Shire Council. A feature of the Academy’s educational philosophy is a focus on the natural world. Students will be encouraged to immerse themselves in nature and guided toward observation and reflection of the signs in the natural world. The Academy is therefore deeply committed to environmental sustainability embedded in this natural world focus.

The Academy community thereby accepts its responsibility as representatives of the Creator and custodians for the natural world. The upholding of honourable relationships with the natural world is a reflection of the commitment the academy holds for honourable relationships with the rest of creation.

The Student Cohort

Standard Bearers Academy will cater for a culturally and religiously diverse student body. This will include students locally and interstate from all cultural backgrounds within Australia as well as a percentage of international students. The student body will be composed of those from the Islamic faith in addition to Christian and other faith traditions. Students from non-faith backgrounds, committed to a safe environment focused on universal values and high moral and ethical standards will also make up the Academy.

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